Monday, January 23, 2012

Stuck in the Bog- We Knew It Would Happen

Oh Uncle Selah,

Tis I, your less than patient niece. I knew it would happen. Hells bells EVERYONE knew it would happen, it always happens.  The search for the Irish ancestors goes to heck in a handbasket. Mine did.

Yes, I have compiled information from Griffiths, and I've taken the surnames in the various counties and I've copied county maps and diocese maps and put the names in them and overlapped them.  I've google earthed the townland names and taken a virtual tour. How beautiful it all is. I've got the histories of the counties, the tourist spots in the townlands. and I'm learning so much.

But I don't have my folks yet. I don't have my folks because I need to get more information here in the states.  My cousins and I are the only ones who have even a vague recollection of anything related to Ireland.  Our Elders are gone and we are trying to remember memories from 30 - 40 years ago if not longer. We are not doing well in that respect. When all either of us can remember is "Mayo" and we're pretty sure it belongs to the Moran line - maybe the Greene line- we are not progressing very much. And I am reasonably sure that the other 4 irish lines are not from Mayo - but they might be.

I thought I was on a roll. And perhaps I've set things up so that if and when I do get better answers then I can jump back in and get down to business.  I need a helping hand in Natick to get me a little further along.  I may have to make contact with a few folks back there.

In the meantime Uncle- should you happen to run across any Morans where you are- specifically Martin (1850 - 1904) and his wife Ellen Morris Moran (1851 - 1913)- have him drop me a clue please.

Til the next time,
Your aggravated Niece

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