Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ancestor Birthdays This Month

Dear Uncle,
It is time again to acknowledge those who came before us.
Anna Alden  144, Polly Andrews  240,  Samuel Alden 189.
Clara Balcom 163,  George Balcom 134, Abraham Beal 290, Arabella Beal 159, Bathsheba Beal 319,  Bethiah Beal 277, Catherine Beal 208, Clifton Beal 150, Eliza Beal 326, My Grandfather - George Beal 114, Jacob Beal 278, John Beal 277, Mary Beal 360, Molley Beal 276, Olive Beal 212, Benjamin Borden 197.
Child Chubbuck 285, Huldah Chubbuck 282, Jonathan Chubbuck 296, Thomas Chubbuck 280, Jonathan Chubbuck 331, Ephraim Cleveland 300, Emma Colbath 165, Savery Collins 191, Patience Crapo 251.
Prudence Deacon 410, Hattie Downs 149, Hannah Dyer 329.
Alice Eddy 297, Ebenezar Eddy 337, Edith Eddy 104, Joseph Eddy 208, Joshua Eddy 332, William Eddy 178.
 Abigail Fellows 182, Rachel Franklin 257.
Lucy Gould 183, Sarah Greenleaf 329,  Samuel Gulliver 362.
Persis Hildreth 352, Elder Hovey 270,  Betsey Howe  201, Philena Howe 195.
Joseph Joy 367, Samuel Joy 373.
Guy Leighton 127, Deborah Lincoln 295, Elisha Lincoln 315, George Long 113.
Pluma McNeil 155, Nathaniel Martin 403, Ernest Morey 130.
Jacob Perkins 328.
Mary Rawson 196, Ebenezar Rood 308, Thankfull Rood 291, Phineas Russell 215, Rhoda Russell 230.
Wilder Smith 143, Alden Spooner 179, Asa Spooner 183, Micah Spooner 194, Samuel Stodder 293.
Seth Wasburn 261.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Organized - Really and Truly

Dear Uncle,
While pondering what to do next with my Irish folks I realized I needed to gather all the facts that I have on hand.  Which, much to my dismay were NOT all together.  So what to do?  I have been following Michelle Goodman’s blog – The Turning of Generations – and she just happens to be doing a series of workshops regarding getting organized.
I have been pretty good about having files for families, and putting information into those files.  I have been pretty good about citing sources.  I visit daily checking for more info as new collections crop up and I check in with Family Search on a weekly basis just in case.
The other day I came across – in one of my many folders- an article that I had in my  “At some point in time” folder .  It was from Family Tree magazine, May 2010. The title of which was “Organizing Your Hard Drive”.  Why I had not done this , I mean Really done this before, is beyond me.
I read the article and at 11:00 the other night I decided that right then and there was the perfect time to do it.   In the quiet of the evening, just me and my computer I began.  Somewhere around 1:15 AM I was done.
Such relief and pride I had! I can now, in a moment, gather the information that I need. Amazing!  No more scrolling up and down in “Documents” looking for something that I knew I had if only I could remember just how I named it. No more jumping into folders searching for that one picture that I had scanned and put where?  The military histories of my boys in the Civil War are now in their respective folders.  Wow!
Now if I want to send information about one of my folks I can just send a folder to whoever needs the info! Astounding!
Uncle, it was just a wonderful feeling.  Genealogy File Management……who’d a thunk it.
I think that I can now say with pride that I am a 21st Century Organized Historian! And I am even more sure that my next generation historians, my niece and nephew, will thank me for it.
Personally, I thank Michelle for passing along the information and incentive for getting me started. I will go back to her blog and start at the beginning and follow her suggestions.
Wow!  Organized!
Until the next,
Fondly, Your Devoted Niece