Thursday, January 26, 2012

Funeral Home requests...Any Advice?

Dear Uncle,

I have searched the internet looking for advice for the best way to ask for assistance from a funeral home in my genealogical search.

It's been interesting to note that in my searching I have found several funeral homes who actually have a tab for genealogy requests.  When you go to the page they have forms to fill out and the fees that they charge. How fabulous is that? The Homes are right on top of things. Not to mention an additional little money maker or a very, very nice service.  I mean to say that if there were several homes in a town and one of those homes was pro- genealogy I would be more apt to rest my bones at that home than the others.  After all don't we all want to make sure our folks can find us?

Mine, however, does not.  So I've copied the forms and pasted them to a Word document and compared them to each other.  They basically ask the same questions. So I think I will do up a form based on what I've seen and hope that I will get a response. I might just send an email to a couple of homes that I am (unfortunately) very familiar with with the links to these other homes on the web and perhaps that will cause some action.

Before I do that I think it would be best if I asked some of the other folks who blog if they may have some suggestions as to how to approach the funeral home.  I will also ask their overall experience in doing so.

1. Do I send a letter attached to the forms? 
2. What do I say?
3. How much money should I send?
4. How much information do I ask for?
5. Should I send a letter at the same time to the cemeterys?
6. What is the best thing to ask for in that case?
7. Do I ask for a copy of the internment card information or Lot information or both?

Uncle, these are the days when I wish that I lived nearby the old home town and I could simply drive to these places and get the info myself.  I know Uncle, I need a pound of patience but today there doesn't seem to be one in the pantry. My Irish are driving me batty.

Until the next,
Your Devoted Niece

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January In Memoriam

Dear Uncle,

Today we will Acknowledge and Celebrate the lives of the Ancestors who departed this life in the month of January.

I realize that some of the folks are of my husbands line but they should be remembered also don't you think? I do because without them my Beloved would not be here with me.

Please say hello to my parents and Aunt Gladys and to the  3G and 4G grandfathers Cyrus and Calvin who passed in the month of January.

Levi ADAMS 180, Nathan ADAMS 180, Edmund ANDREWS 26,
Alfred BEAL 62, Andrew BEAL 250, Calvin BEAL 80, Charles BEAL 80,
Clarissa BEAL 166, Cyrus BEAL 115, Elijah BEAL 223, Elisha BEAL 325,
Elizabeth BEAL 216, Jacob BEAL 294, Jael BEAL 250, Jeremiah BEAL 252,
John BEAL 352, Sarah BEAL 237, Sibbel BEAL 182, Susannah BEAL 157,
Barbara STAVELEY BEALE 21, Robert W. BEALE 41, 
Mary BISBEE 294, Hannah BUSH 268, Ashsa BOWLBY 100,
Elisha CARPENTER 71,  Jonathan CARVER 232, Martha CHUBBUCK 314,

John DARRELL 394, Sarah DAVIS, 254, Samuel DUNHAM  325, Hannah DYER 290, Anne DYKER 450, Estelle EDDY 11, Ruth EDDY 100,  Ira FORBES 86, George FRANKLIN 98,

John GALLOP 362, David GOULD 145,  Lucy HICKS 76, Abigail HOVEY 173, Abner HOVEY 170,
Alvan HOVEY 148,
Elizabeth LEAVITT 323, Ray LEIGHTON 110, Dorothy LONG 19,
Robert MAIR 167, Christopher MARTIN 391,

Delia POWERS 132, Marie PROWER 391, Danforth RAWSON 154, David RAWSON 191, 
Thankfull ROOD 256,  Rhoda RUSSELL 145

Gil SALVAIL Jr. 4, Patience SPOONER 158, Gladys STAVELEY 34, John STAVELEY 171, Achsah STODDER 248, Enoch STODDER 194, Mary TUCKER  274.

Until the next,
Your Devoted Niece

Monday, January 23, 2012

Stuck in the Bog- We Knew It Would Happen

Oh Uncle Selah,

Tis I, your less than patient niece. I knew it would happen. Hells bells EVERYONE knew it would happen, it always happens.  The search for the Irish ancestors goes to heck in a handbasket. Mine did.

Yes, I have compiled information from Griffiths, and I've taken the surnames in the various counties and I've copied county maps and diocese maps and put the names in them and overlapped them.  I've google earthed the townland names and taken a virtual tour. How beautiful it all is. I've got the histories of the counties, the tourist spots in the townlands. and I'm learning so much.

But I don't have my folks yet. I don't have my folks because I need to get more information here in the states.  My cousins and I are the only ones who have even a vague recollection of anything related to Ireland.  Our Elders are gone and we are trying to remember memories from 30 - 40 years ago if not longer. We are not doing well in that respect. When all either of us can remember is "Mayo" and we're pretty sure it belongs to the Moran line - maybe the Greene line- we are not progressing very much. And I am reasonably sure that the other 4 irish lines are not from Mayo - but they might be.

I thought I was on a roll. And perhaps I've set things up so that if and when I do get better answers then I can jump back in and get down to business.  I need a helping hand in Natick to get me a little further along.  I may have to make contact with a few folks back there.

In the meantime Uncle- should you happen to run across any Morans where you are- specifically Martin (1850 - 1904) and his wife Ellen Morris Moran (1851 - 1913)- have him drop me a clue please.

Til the next time,
Your aggravated Niece