Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Civil War Ladies in Waiting

Dear Uncle,

Since last I posted you, brother Bill and I have spoken with each other nearly daily. The search for more information about our boys, telling their stories, investigating sources, comparing notes, verifying what I have and what he has for information, trying to get the military pages up to snuff on Ancestry has been exciting.  We found that we had so much information that it was beginning to get muddled up.  Ok...I was beginning to get muddled up.  Bill seems to have it all organized in his head.  I, on the other hand who has been living with over 2000+ individuals over the course of the years might have a slip or two when it comes to knowing offspring names at the drop of a hat. And I'm not as young as I used to be and my mind may suffer occasionally from C.R.S. (Oh please do not ask me to explain- you might blush).  But I think I've held my own for the most part.

As Bill writes about our boys during the war I am always aware of the ladies waiting at home.  My "Greats" as I have referred to them. Lucie Whitney Alden- wife of Selah B. Alden, Julia Russell Beal wife of George W. Beal,, Lucinda Barteaux Beal wife of Jesse Norris Beal, Abigail Fellows Beal wife of Eleazar C. Beal, even Delia Beal Gilson wife of Charles Estimer Gilson.

How did they cope with their men off to war? These are just some of my ladies in waiting. As I investigate another branch of our family- the ever mysterious Irish side - I'm pretty sure I have more ladies in waiting there also.  Did they know each other? Did they know of each other? Were they from separate worlds in a small town?  Had their husbands worked along side each other in the shoe factories? Did their men go to war?

The investigation takes another turn! Eventually the Irish side and the Beal side connect, the town was not so large, what are the possibilities?  Where are the clues? What, where , who or when or why?  Questions and answers to look foward to.

Should you have any suggestions I would love for you to let me know.

As Ever,
Your devoted niece