Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dallas Public Library - A Wonderful Place To Visit

Dear Uncle,

Today my Beloved and I went to the Dallas Public Library to investigate their Genealogy section.  What a wonderful place! Neat, clean, organized, and friendly.  Microfilm and Microfiche readers. Nice and open and airy.  Not a stuffy place at all.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of information for Massachusetts.  Our trip was bascially a go see what it's all about.  I had a couple of things that I wanted to verify if the info was available and it was on microfiche. So that was a pleasant surprise.  I think it may be a place I will frequent. Family Historians and Genealogists can work side by side in a wonderful, fostering atmosphere.

They also have a lot of Texas info which will benefit my friends who are just starting their trek into genealogy.  It will be wonderful for them to start here in Texas and work their way back to the East and then up to New England.  All without leaving Dallas.

The 8th floor of the library is home to Genealogy and there are sections for each state in the Union.  There are State censuses, Passenger lists, maps, and a section is for searching overseas. I haven't gone into that section yet. That will be my next trip.  Once I get my Irish situation under control.  No, Uncle, I do not want to talk about it. Other than to say there are just too many Williams, Patricks, Martins, Bridgets etc., etc.  My spreadsheet is getting a bit out of hand.

Until the next time,
Your Devoted Niece

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  1. The Dallas Public Library is one of my dream destinations - my mother's family is from there (her branch moved out to Baylor County in 1917). Good to hear that it will be a pleasant place to research!