Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blogging Frustration

Dear Uncle,
It is well past your bedtime I know as the sun has been down for several hours.  I, your niece, on the other hand is a night owl. As you can see I am trying, in vain it seems, to have a platform where I can let my thoughts flow into the family world and communicate with you.  I have an issue.  Unlike the 1800's where it was pencil and paper, the 21st century requires that world communication be achived with a computer.  I feel I don't need to explain that to you because where you are you should know everything.

Anyway...I have followed the directions to add links (AKA Gadgets) to my page.  These buttons are to link to the other blogs I follow and to the sites that I use and think others will find useful.  I have put in the information, I have clicked the save or apply or whatever button to make sure that the information sticks.

Where are the links? Well they aren't on the page that's for sure. And to make matters worse when I clicked on what I thought was a link this horrible screen from my security program jumps up and flashes at me that one of the sites I use ALL THE TIME is a horrible , malicious website and it ( the program) is NOT going to let me anywhere near it. If that is indeed the case then why did it let me access said website not two weeks ago without throwing a fit?

Uncle it is late, I am tired and frustrated.  If there is anything that you can do from your side of the veil to help me to either understand the issue or to show me the way to fix it I'd sincerely appreciate it. Otherwise I fear that our communications may come to an end as this computer may become a doorstop.

Your niece

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  1. Hoorah! I have fixed the post a comment link!