Saturday, November 3, 2012

When Siblings Find Common Ground

Dear Uncle,

I'm sure you know brother Bill, my brother the history buff. Well, he has started a blog. Or rather he started one back in July but neglected to tell me about it. It's great! What Bill has done is to focus on our Civil War Boys, the Beal boys. Now Bill is one who reads voraciously and will spend untold hours doing research of an historical nature.  I shouldn't really be surprised that he elected to start this blog because in as much as I, the family historian, would LOVE to do in depth research on a particular person in the tree, I do not have that kind of time at present.  What Bill has done by focusing on our boys is to tell the tale as if he was an observer of the boys during their enlistment.
Bill has scoured books and records and reports to find out what happened during those days when our boys put their lives on the line.

Bill has called me on several occasions to relate his latest findings but I am so emotionally involved with these boys that I just could not listen to the gory details without becoming pretty upset.  You may think this silly as the boys are long gone but to me they are family and each time I discover something new it makes them even more alive for me. I can't read about their hardships without having nightmares.

Bill tells the story so well citing his sources along the way.  If another person wanted to read what Bill has read then the link or source is right there. The story of the 5 Beal boys is an interesting one, not only from the perspective of the Civil War, but understanding what it must have done to their family as well.  The tragedy the family had to overcome.  It is fascinating.

So my dear Uncle if you have a few minutes to spare please read what your nephew has written at . Go ahead and click this link, it will open in a new tab, that way you can have us both at the same time.

I must run now, enjoy Bills blog.  I did.
As ever,
Your Devoted Niece

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