Sunday, January 8, 2012

Optimism and the Bricks in the Wall

Dear Uncle,

Typical Gemini that I am I got so excited about finding Will Greene that I thought the rest of the Irish hunt would go as quickly.

 I’m sure that you also had your moments where a discovery got you pretty excited also.  And you can’t say you didn’t Uncle…I have your journal! It takes a Gemini to know one. We are optimists.

The point is, Uncle, I am once again looking at the bricks in the wall.

How could I possibly think that just because I have the year of immigration (after the famine ships) for an individual I would be able to lickety split, click a few searches and ta-da have who I was looking for.  Silly, silly woman. 

Silly right up until 1:15 am when I finally looked at the clock last nite ( this morning) and realized that I had to get up to go to work today. If I hadn’t had to work…..well I’m sure you know where I’m going with that.

I’ll be taking the next few days off to go visit your 6th great grand niece and your 7th great grand nephew.  I’ll give them your regards. I’ll also poke around the storage and see what I could possibly have left behind relating to genealogy.  (Doubtful as everyone knows where it all goes – with me- always- period.)

 But mistakes do happen. I may have left a couple of maps behind, possibly a magazine or 80. Photos – probably but there was only so much room on the moving truck and in my truck.

I’ll take the next few days to rest my genealogy brain, let things ruminate a bit and see what happens when I get back. While I'm gone if you happen to run into the Irish side you might mention I could use another break, thanks!


Your devoted Niece


  1. Very clever format. I'm sure your uncle would love to answer you! Found you through Lynn Palermo, Armchair Genealogist.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Thanks so much. I wish Uncle Selah could answer lol,sometimes in the quiet I think he does. Does that make me crazy or just the family historian?